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Water Bottles

Keeping hydrated is so important for breastfeeding mums but when you’re busy with baby, it is easy to forget to drink enough water.

Our exclusive Stylish Mum water bottle aims to make it easier to drink the fluids you need for your baby and yourself. Featuring the slogan ‘Drink Water, Make Milk’, it holds 700ml of water. And 700ml also happens to be the amount of milk typically produced each day by a mum who is exclusively breastfeeding her baby.

This BPA-free water bottle includes a long length infuser basket which you can fill with fruit if you want to add flavour to your water. There is also a handy drinking guide printed on the back to help you stay on top of your hydration.

We recommend that you fill up your Stylish Mum water bottle at least twice a day and once during the night. The simple-to-use flip top lid can be easily opened using one finger, making it ideal for use while nursing. And because we know you have your hands full, we’ve made it drop resistant and leakproof too.

We recommend that you handwash your water bottle due to the vinyl design.