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Tops and Tunics

Please explore our Stylish Mum Limited Edition Breastfeeding Tops.

Our nursing tops are all made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex which give them a lovely soft stretch ! 

Sizes 6-24 true to size/ slightly generous / stretchy  which gives our nursing tops a lovely soft stretch and flattering shape. 

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The Stylish Mum breastfeeding  tops, nursing vests and breastfeeding tunics all have a simple and elegant design. They are made with a lightweight and breathable cotton mix, and tick all the right boxes when it comes to comfort. A breastfeeding top is the ideal wardrobe basic for mums of all shapes and sizes . Our clever design make them perfect for breastfeeding as long as you want to and are suitable for many years after too ! 

But perhaps its best feature is hidden from view. The clever design of these nursing tops and breastfeeding t-shirts will preserve your privacy as you breastfeed your baby. And as there’s no buttons or zips to undo they offer the perfect no-faff feeding solution. Plus not covering baby allows for mum and baby to main eye contact which is perfect for bonding. The perfect answer for how to dress for breastfeeding. 

All of our nursing tops are 95% cotton, 5% spandex which gives them a lovely soft flexible stretch. They are so stretchy that many mums buy them to wear in pregnancy and/ or for their hospital bag. Nursing tops and breastfeeding vests are also super easy to wear with a nursing bra and your usual jeans/ leggings or shirts/ cardigans making them perfect all season edition to any new mums wardrobe. 

Our breastfeeding tops come in sizes 6-24 and true to size/ slightly looser fitting, so no need to size up. Actual sizes can be seen on the chart with along with further images. Sizes are as accurate as they can be given the stretch of material so do allow for a slight variation. 

Our Mums say: 

" love that I have found breastfeeding tops that are not boring or mumsy or are maternity. Plus the quality is amazing. I will be wearing my breastfeeding tops long after I stop feeding my baby"

" I live in t-shirt and jeans  - so glad  I found a breastfeeding t-shirt so I can wear the kind of clothes I did before my baby"

" These nursing tops are a total game changer, they feel amazing on give me so much confidence as a new mum"

"I bought the rainbow breastfeeding top - and now own several others. I love all the new designs and that is supporting a mum run brand " 

Stylish Mum award winning breastfeeding tops vogue

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