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Tina Breastfeeding Tunic WAS £39.99

Stylish Mum Tina Breastfeeding Tunic
Stylish Mum Tina Breastfeeding Tunic
Stylish Mum Tina Breastfeeding Tunic
Stylish Mum Tina Breastfeeding Tunic
Stylish Mum Tina Breastfeeding Tunic
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Tina Breastfeeding Tunic WAS £39.99

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Product Information

Stylish Mum Breastfeeding Tunic Jumper Dress

Add a splash of colour to your wardrobe with this flattering long-sleeved breastfeeding tunic.

The colder weather doesn’t have to mean mountains of jumpers, our long tunic with a gorgeous cowl neck will keep you looking stylish throughout the winter. In a rich amaranth colour, this versatile piece can be dressed up or down and will look great with a tights and winter boots combo as well as leggings, jeans or trousers.

This exclusive Stylish Mum design will cover up any lumps and bumps. And best of all, it is a piece of cake to breastfeed in. The easy-access side opening means you can feed your baby discreetly wherever you want to without having to worry about juggling layers or getting chilly.

Our breastfeeding tunic is available in sizes 8 to 18, this supersoft tunic looks fantastic on women of all shapes and sizes and is made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for a bit of stretch. 

First Mum is 5ft 5 and wearing a szie 10

Second Mum is 5ft 6 and wearing a size 16 
Stylish Mum Breastfeeding photo tandem feeding nursing in breastfeeding tunic

Breastfeeding tunic breastfeeding mum

breastfeeding tunic dress Stylish Mum

Mama Breastfeeding Tunic 


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Helen - Birmingham

Love this tunic .. so easy to wear over leggings. very flattering post baby. colour looks amazing on . really cheered me up .. and of course very discreet to feed in.

sizing is generous I would say.

Sarah - Preston


Love this tunic !! I got it bought for me as a baby shower gift and wore it home from Hospital! Flattering , comfy and easy to feed in !!

Sarah - Easington

A breastfeeding tunic

I’ve this breastfeeding tunic, the colour is amazing. So easy to wear ! Def easier breastfeeding

Lottie - Poole

flattering breastfeeding tunic dress

Love this flattering nursing tunic . I wore it when pregnant as a maternity tunic and put it in my hospital bag to wear coming home with new baby as it’s just so comfy and covers all the lumps and bumps and of course is so easy to breastfeed in ! Thank for making such flattering breastfeeding clothing ! Next nursing clothes I am getting will be some breastfeeding tops....... I’m gong to ask for some as a new baby gift !