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Stylish Kid

Because being stylish isn’t just for grown-ups

Stylish Kid in an independent children’s clothing brand which isn’t afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Our bright and colourful clothes are designed to be played in. Comfortable, practical and easy on the eye, Stylish Kid clothing is perfect for your little one’s adventure, whether they’re going on a bear hunt, climbing trees, chasing rainbows or simply meeting their friends for a play date.

Quality is our top priority so all our kids’ clothes are built to last with soft yet durable materials which stay looking great no matter how much you wash them.

We don’t do boy’s clothes or girl’s clothes, just great long-lasting fashion both you and your children will love. Our unisex, gender-neutral clothing is parent-designed and tested by real kids to make sure each item is ready to survive the rough and tumble of a fun and adventurous childhood.

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Our story

Stylish Kid is the baby of Stylish Mum - a Sheffield-based brand which makes breastfeeding-friendly clothes for nursing mothers. Our founder Sarah started Stylish Mum because she couldn’t find clothes she liked which were also easy to breastfeed in. Sick of having to pick from a small range of unimaginative maternity clothing, she set about designing her own clothes which allowed discreet feeding without any fiddly zips or buttons.

Stylish Mum grew in popularity and soon had its own community of loyal customers who wanted the same kind of fantastic clothing for their little ones. Realising there was a huge demand for matching mother and baby clothes, Sarah developed a twinning range which proved a hit with mums and ended up featuring in Vogue.

As the children’s clothes carried on flying off the shelves, Stylish Mum realised it was time to let its baby leave the nest and start its own unique brand and Stylish Kid was born.