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Stylish mum breastfeeding rainbow top . mum and baby rainbow tops

Hands up if you love rainbows! Our cleverly-designed rainbow collection will bring colour to even the drabbest of days.

Like all Stylish Mum breastfeeding clothes, there are no fiddly zips or awkward fastenings to worry about when you’re trying to settle a hungry baby. Our discreet design means you can quickly and easily feed your little one wherever and whenever you need to.  Made from a premium quality soft cotton mix in sizes 6-24 we are sure the pot of gold at the end of this rainbow is a satisfied baby and a relaxed mummy!

At Stylish Mum, we love rainbows so much we’d feel selfish to keep them just for us mums so we designed two children's tops. Designed to co-ordinate perfectly with our Stylish Mum collection, this is one way to create your own double rainbow.