Normalise Breastfeeding

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Normalise Normal

Our campaign #normalisenormal is a joint initiative with Hooha photography which aims to normalise all the different aspects of parenting and family life, starting with breastfeeding.

Many new mums still feel awkward and self-conscious about breastfeeding in public or even in front of their friends and family. This feeling of embarrassment can stop some women getting the support they need and even lead to them stopping breastfeeding before they want to. We want to help combat this by showing the world that breastfeeding is a normal part of everyday life and no one should feel like they need to hide away to feed their baby.

Please support our campaign and show breastfeeding mums that you’ve got their back by buying one of our #normalisenormal wristbands. All the profits from these bands will be ploughed back into the campaign to make breastfeeding a visible and ordinary part of life in the UK. At the moment these are funding the print costs of posters and flyers, but we hope to be able to fund further advertising soon. 

Also if you would like to display one fo the #normalisenormal flyers then please do contact Stylish Mum. 

We will be looking for more Sheffield-based mums to take part in the next stage of our campaign by being photographed feeding their babies for #normalisenormal posters. Please contact us today for further information complete the form here Hooha Photography #normalisenormal