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Explore our range of multi- award winning breastfeeding hoodies

In the words of tester Donna, mum of a 3-month-old baby: “A staple in my breastfeeding wardrobe, as it’s so easy to feed in due to the soft fabric and absence of any zips or clips. I can easily move the sections of fabric apart with one hand and use the other to get my baby into position to feed.” Best Breastfeeding Hoodie. 

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THE award winning Best Mama Breastfeeding Hoodie and matching option for your mini me!

When we asked mums to name the one wardrobe staple they missed most while breastfeeding, the humble hoodie came out top. 

We immediately set to work designing a comfortable breastfeeding hoodie which not only looks great but is also a doddle to feed in. The result is this Stylish Mum exclusive which has been created especially to flatter your postnatal body with of course easy nursing access.

One of the best things about our nursing hoodie is that no one will know it is a breastfeeding top unless you tell them. Our nursing hoodies are made from 95% cotton with 5% spandex for extra soft stretch, it succeeds in being both lightweight and warm. It feels and looks so good, we think it will become your go-to nursing top when you’re looking for casual breastfeeding comfort.

But don’t just take our word for it – our breastfeeding hoodie was also a finalist in the best breastfeeding accessory category at the Made for Mums awards 2018, 2019 and won GOLD as the best breastfeeding clothing in 2020 ! So you can see why we think it is the best breastfeeding hoodie! It really is a new mum must have plus we have mini hoodies  - perfect for mum and baby matching. Our baby bright unisex clothes are perfect for matching mum and daughter or son.

Made for Mums said Why it’s a winner: A comfortable hoodie is often the go-to for busy mothers, so to have it in a breastfeeding design makes a practical and cosy winner in this category. The shape and colours of the Stylish Mum nursing hoodie are flattering and fun, and the access for baby won over our home testers – they loved the discreet breastfeeding it allowed.

Our nursing hoodies are available in size 6 to 24, they really do suit mums of all shapes and sizes. Easy to wear with one of our nursing vests or tops or just with a nursing bra for super easy breastfeeding access. 

We are proud to say that the colours were chosen and voted by mums across our social media! Please do get in touch and let us know what you would like to see next over in our breastfeeding communities over on  Facebook  or  Instagram. You will also be able to check out other breastfeeding friendly clothes inspiration. We are bring out new colours all the time so please do keep checking back. 

You won’t find this nursing hoodie anywhere else as the design belongs exclusively to Stylish Mum and has been registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office - design number 6019643 Nursing hoodie UK. 

Please get in touch if the colour or size of the nursing hoodie you want is not available as we are constantly receiving new breastfeeding friendly clothes and of course do let us know what you would like to make next ! 

Our Mums say:

"I pretty much have one of every colour of the Stylish Mum breastfeeding hoodie - I wear it with a nursing vest and bra for easy breastfeeding with leggings or jeans " 

" I love my twinning breastfeeding hoodies  - I have matching hoodies for both of daughters- love that you go up to age 5!"

" about to buy another nursing hoodie from you as I'm lost when mine is in the wash"

"I love my breastfeeding hoodie so much, I having buying them as a baby shower or new mum gift for my friends... they love them too!"

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