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Explore our range of limited edition Stylish Mum Breastfeeding Dresses

Our breastfeeding dresses come in size 6-24.  They are true to size / a little generous and stretchy in case you need room for a bump. 

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Breastfeeding dresses

Our breastfeeding dresses look fantastic, feel great and are simple to feed your baby in. All our nursing dresses are exclusive Stylish Mum designs, created especially for mums who want to look and feel like themselves while they are breastfeeding. Unlike many breastfeeding dresses which double up as maternity wear, our creations are designed to flatter all body shapes and will last you as long as you continue feeding your child and beyond.

We’re constantly listening to suggestions and feedback so we can create the best breastfeeding dresses on the market. All these designs have been given 5* ratings by mums just like you and they’re soft, stretchy and bounce back into shape without ironing. So whether you’re looking for something fun and casual or you need a more formal outfit, we’ve got a breastfeeding dress that’s perfect for you.

Breastfeeding dresses for weddings

We know finding breastfeeding dresses for special occasions can be a challenge so our designs can be dressed up and down, depending on where you’ll be wearing them. We hear from many women who say they feel restricted when they need to find something to wear as a wedding guest as many of the options out there just aren’t breastfeeding-friendly. Alternatively, they feel forced to buy something with a low neckline so they can feed their baby. Our Stylish Mum dresses have unique and discreet side openings so you can feed your baby without having to rearrange your clothes or wear layers. Take a look at our breastfeeding friendly collection and let us know what you think.

What your mums say:

"Love my breastfeeding skater dress ... so flattering and you can't even tell it is a breastfeeding dress - I've had so many compliments"

"Finally breastfeeding friendly dresses that aren't maternity or low cut ! I can now feed my baby comfortably and confidently" 

"I have 3 breastfeeding breastfeeding dresses from Stylish Mum now -  so easy to breastfeed in.  I am wearing the breastfeeding skater dress today" 

"Amazing quality and design and shape ! Perfect breastfeeding dress  - plus it has pockets - winner ! "