About Us

We are passionate about helping mums to feel comfortable, confident and stylish when breastfeeding and supporting mums to feed for longer. 

The UK has one of the lowest breastfeeding rates in the world and many women do not feel confident to feed in public. Our clothes are all made with mum and baby in mind. They have a unique registered design which allows for discrete and comfortable feeding without fiddly buttons or zips. They are made from soft cotton fabrics and are designed to be flattering to all shapes and sizes, but especially the new mum. 

We are keen to support the normalisation of breastfeeding by actively promoting and encouraging feeding where possible. You can help to support this initiative by ordering some of our FREE thank you cards to give to breastfeeding mums and/or by sharing photos on our social media which supports feeding– by doing this you will be helping women become more confident to feed in public by helping others to see how normal and easy it can be!

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Stylish Mum is a registered trademark. Our designs belong to Stylish Mum and are registered with the UK Intellectual Property Office. Design number 6019643. 

Sarah’s Story – the founder of Stylish Mum

My name is Sarah and after having and feeding my third child I became fed up with the options out there for breastfeeding mums. A lot of the breastfeeding specific clothes I found were mostly maternity which frustrated me, firstly because they don’t fit right, but also there is an assumption that breastfeeding is only for those early weeks. So, when I was up feeding one night I designed my own top and arranged for some samples to be made. I wore the tops and the feedback was that they were amazing and I should set up a business selling them  - and so Stylish Mum was born!

I did a lot of market research with other mums and found that winter wear was the most difficult – due to the amount of material to lift up and of course wanting to stay warm. Mum’s also said that the item they missed the most was the hoodie and so this is where we started. We had a number of samples made which were tested and tweaked by mums and our colours were chosen by mums too!

Stylish Mum started selling in November 2017 and the feedback we have had has been breath-taking. Customers have really appreciated the clever design which allows for discrete feeding with no fiddy zips or buttons so easy to do one handed. Mums have also said that they are easy to feed in in a sling as material doesn’t need to come upwards. No zips or buttons also means no marks or anything sharp near babies face when cuddling, feeding or carrying in a sling. Mums have really liked the material for our hoodies and tops which is 95% cotton and 5% spandex stretch. This gives the items a soft luxurious feel. Mums have said that the shape and stretch is very flatting and forgiving to the tummy area and also means less/ no ironing !!

My ambition is to keep growing the brand and adding new items as we go along. So please so follow us on facebook or Instagram to keep updated.